Sunday, April 10, 2011

Minecraft server


So, today i was like really bored so I decided to create a Minecraft server!
So basically i just created a normal server with the bukkit mod.

The pluggins that i´m jusing is iChat, Essentials, Helios, LoginQueue, Permissions and WorldEdit.

What the plugins do is following:

iChat – mods the text that the users are typing colours and stuff.

Essentials – gives the users beginner kits to new players etc.

Helios – Makes the server to be in Day mode 24/7.

LoginQueue – Puts player in a Queue if the server is full on players.

Permissions – Gives players permissions to many different things.

WorldEdit – Makes the crafting more fun 

Join my server if you want! To do this just enter in the multiplayer connect bar!

This is wath the server looks like now:
Just a world...


  1. you must have been really bored

  2. Sweet I might join in at some point. Was getting tired of spawn jail servers.

  3. I like how when you get bored you make servers, lol. That is much more productive than me on a good day.

    This blog just makes me want to play Minecraft more and more. Does it run on Ubuntu?

  4. Yes, minecraft runs on ubuntu, i think. It says so on the ubuntu website.
    and i'll join your server when i have some free time, it looks like fun!!

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  6. Server huh? Very interesting, I hope you have fun with it!

  7. You dont have to be bored to play minecraft, the game is awesome

  8. I've never played Minecraft, and refuse to believe it's worth all the commotion.

  9. started playing recently, addicted

  10. Just got this last month. Crazy addictive.

  11. id start my own server if i knew how to

  12. Looks awesome, love Minecraft.

  13. Looks good so far, keep going! Minecraft ftw

  14. I've heard so much about this game!

    I need to go download a copy :)

    Keep it up and come check out my fishes blog!!! (he has new lights)